About Us

Our History

Louie was a fisherman all his life, even while he was a young boy in Greece. He would fish throughout the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey and in Greece.

His family was into olive tree growing, and owned a large sum of olive trees; Louie and his family worked hard on the farms and then would travel the sea and fish.

Fishing was always a passion of his and when he came to the United States he worked in many Greek restaraunts. He ascended up the chain of command until he was head chef. His dishes were of an authentic quality and style that earned him accolades from patrons and the kitchen staff alike.


Eventually, Louie had an opportunity to open his very own Fish Market in Chicago. It was small and "got the job done," but as Louie's reputation grew, the business became more popular and Louie knew it was time to move to a larger facility. Boston Fish Market is now located in Des Plaines, IL. Yet, Boston Fish Market, inc's business continues to grow and Louie knows it is only a matter of time until he will have to find an even larger facility to handle the increase in business. He plans to keep operations in Des Plaines, IL.

Boston Fish Market is a true success story and a testament to hard work and the pursuit of the American Dream. We offer the freshest fish available and we work hard to please our clients, big or small.

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